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Live Processor

Live Processor streams your live audio content to several destination simultaneously.

Concentrate on performing live, let us take care to distribute your audio to selected destinations, such as FaceBook, YouTube, Twitch and HLS via our server infrastructure.

one software, multiple services

stream events with
That's Live

Create live events, let your audience purchase event tickets on the automatically created event page, then use the Live Processor to stream your event.

The service can be joined in just a few steps and there are no fixed costs.

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stream live to
Multiple Destinations

Delight listeners simultaneously on social media channels such as facebook, youtube, on websites and worldwide through our content delivery network (CDN).

This service is made available through various licenses.

License Options

one upstream, multiple destinations

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Connect your live audio signal to the Live Processor installed on one of your devices. The LiveProcessor streams the signal to the Live Stream Server. On the server the audio signal is encoded in the various stream fromats which fit the stream destinations you have selected.

With live you expand your reach and your fans can more easily participate in your work. You can concentrate professionally on your art and work, namely on creating audio content. This eliminates the additional effort and costs that arise in the professional creation and transmission of moving pictures.

Required Equipment


Recording equipment
to capture voices, instruments etc.

Audio interface
or soundcard to receive the audio signal from a mixing desk.

with our Live Processor installed.

connection to transmit the stream.

Technical specifications

Stream options

HLS Codec: AAC
Bitrates: 128 - 320 kbps
Multiple Bitrates: Yes, 3
via our CDN
Bitrates: 128 - 320 kbps
Multiple Bitrates: No
via our CDN
Bitrates: 128 kbps
to social media channels

System Requirements

Operating System macOS 10.7+
Windows 7+
CPU 2 x 2 GHz
Network min. upload 1600 kbit / 200 KByte

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