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Modulation Processor

Modulation Processor 3244 is a audio plug-in, designed for extensive modulation and synchronisation of audio hardware and software within a DAW host application.

Especially classic analog synthesizers and modular systems can be easily integrated into a DAW for synchronised parameter modulations.


"The MP 3244 is the missing link to synchronise all of your analog and modular synthesizers to a host application"

What's new

Two new plugin formats AUi and AU MIDI FX are now at your disposal. System Exclusive checksum calculation methods can be used to create real-time messages for devices where this is required. A new X-Fader module is available for crossfading between signals. Parameter value ranges for MIDI CC and SysEx can be set to match external device specifications. Save & Load functionality within the plug-in enables easy preset handling. Revised host setup guides are online available for quick and easy DAW configuration. In preparation a sequence module is added to integrate the upcoming SQ4 Sequence Processor.


3 LFO’s, 2 Slope Generators, 4 Envelope Generators and 4 VCA outputs are your modules to create modulations and synchronisations.

The modular structure allows flexible and creative signal processing to fit your needs.

Create custom waveforms via a wave editor to create your unique modulations.

midi cc


Synthesizers with MIDI input can be either controlled via MIDI Continues Controller or System Exclusive messages.

Read more: SysEx Information

cv gear


CV gear can either be controlled via any MIDI to CV converter or the plug-in can generate control voltages via a DC-coupled audio interface

Read more: Compatible Interfaces

in host


Naturally, any in-host applications which lack of extensive parameter modulation, can be controlled.

Sound Examples

All synth sounds modulated and synchronised on a Roland JX-8P via SysEx with the Modulation Processor. Rough mixdown, only reverb added.

Rough Roland Juno 6 bass line example in a deep house track. The Juno 6 is controlled via the VCF input.

Introduction video soundtrack. Three Roland JX-8P sounds synced via SysEx. A Juno 6 "wobble" bass line synced via CV. Moog Mother 32 outro also synced via CV.

Informations & Guides




  • Added AU MIDI FX plug-in format for Logic.
  • Added AUi (Instrument) plug-in format.
  • Added checksum calculation for SysEx messages.
  • Added value range selection for MIDI CC and SysEx.
  • Added X-Fader module to crossfade between two signals.
  • Added save & load preset functionality within the plug-in.
  • Added LFO ratio option to define custom rates.
  • Added VCA On/Off as automatable parameter.
  • Added license manager to deactivate product.
  • Added Sequencer module to integrate the SequenceProcessor.
  • Added reset parameter to default value on double click.
  • Added automated MIDI channel translation for SysEx messages. “--“ is replaced by selected MIDI channel.
  • Changed LFO frequency modulation in sync mode.
  • Fixed copy & past of SysEx strings which did not work properly in Studio One and Reaper.
  • Fixed LFO retrigger by note in sync mode which may has drifted over time.
  • General UI improvements.


  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred within the wave editor when trying to delete a point.


  • Added MIDI message rate control, allows to set the rate at which MIDI messages are sent.
  • Added 14-bit MIDI CC high resolution, allows to sent MSB & LSB MIDI messages.
  • Added user interface scaling, allows to set the size of the interface as preferred.
  • Added custom naming for VCA outputs.
  • Fixed loading issue in Cubase 9 (Sentinel). Plug-in loaded as VST instead of VSTi.
  • Fixed audio CV issues in Pro Tools.
  • Fixed an issue which may has occurred while connecting to a MIDI device (Mac).
  • Changed the plug-in from VST to VSTi which adds more flexibility for some hosts.


  • Improving VST structure to provide full functionality within Cubase.
  • Suspending VST3 support due to incompatibility of functions within Cubase. Please use the VST instead.
  • Minor UI bug fixes.