Compatible Audio Interfaces

In general a DC-coupled audio interface is required to generate CV voltages.


Below you find a list of tested and untested DC-coupled audio interfaces.
If you do not have a audio interface listed below, you always can use a MIDI to CV converter or contact us for further solutions.

If you can confirm compatibility with any untested interface or with a not listed interface, please let us know, we appreciate any help!

Tested Audio Interfaces

Interface Note Tested By
Expert Sleepers ES-3 ADAT Lightpipe to DC-coupled outputs Tonko Sekulo
Expert Sleepers ES-8 Dumbledog
MOTU 828X Dumbledog
MOTU UltraLite MK3 Klangtueftler
PreSonus Quantum PreSonus
RME Fireface 400 Only output 7/8 (Phones) is DC-coupled Dialog Audio
RME Fireface UC / UCX On these units only output 7/8 (Phones) are DC-coupled Dialog Audio

Untested Audio Interfaces

The following list of audio interfaces are DC-coupled and should be compatible, but are untested until now.
If you test one of these interfaces with the MP3244 or SQ4 please send us your results. Thanks!

Interface Note
Alesis iO|14
Alesis iO|26
Apogee Symphony I/O
Echo AudioFire2
Lynx Aurora 8
Lynx Aurora 16
MOTU 828 / 828 MKIII
MOTU 2408 MKII / 2408 MKIII
MOTU Traveller
RME Digiface Only Phones output is DC-Coupled
Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Universal Audio Apollo 16


It is important that you use appropriate cables to make connections between your audio interface and CV inputs!

Most audio interfaces are equipped with "Stereo" TRS jacks or XLR. Whereas CV inputs usually have "Mono" TS jacks.
In general we recommend standard Y-cables (usually they have the configuration shown in the simplified schematic) and can be used out of the box.

Y-cable stereo jack to two mono jacks configuration:

  • CV 1: Tip -> Tip / Shield -> Shield
  • CV 2: Ring -> Tip / Shield -> Shield
This configuration gives you twice the signal, one "normal", the other signal inverted (usually CV 2 jack, coloured red).

Alternatively you can purchase special designed cables from Expert Sleepers.