Modulation Processor V0.9.4 Update
Highlights & Notes

New setup guides available!

If you have experienced difficulties while setting up the MP3244 within your DAW we highly recommend reviewing the new setup guides! Especially when using the plug-in on Windows with MIDI CC/SysEx the new detailed guides are essential to get you going. We have also change the plug-in from VST to VSTi, which allows more flexibility in certain DAWs (e.g. Cubase, Studio One).

New Setup Guides & Manual

14-bit high resolution MIDI CC.

Gear that can process 14-bit MIDI CC is now supported by the MP3244. You can freely assign the MSB & LSB number. This also allows assignments beyond the MIDI MSB & LSB standard for gear that has non-standard specifications.

Control MIDI message rate for slow processing synths.

Some synths, especially vintage synths, have slow MIDI processing units. For this reason we have added a MIDI message rate control, which allows you to set the message rate according to the speed at which the unit can operate.
Related to this subject we have published a note about how to avoid MIDI jitter, which can be found here:

Avoiding MIDI Jitter

Features & Fixes.

Besides the above mentioned features and fixes the update also includes:

  • Added user interface scaling, allows to set the size of the interface as preferred.
  • Added custom naming for VCA outputs.
  • Fixed loading issue in Cubase 9 (Sentinel).
  • Fixed audio CV issues in Pro Tools.
  • Fixed an issue which may has occurred while connecting to a MIDI device (Mac).


This is an essential update and highly recommended. If you have any questions or need help please contact us!

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