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Sequence Processor

Create advanced sequences to modulate and synchronise your audio hardware and software parameters from within a DAW host application.

Sequenced Modulations

To create unique sequenced modulation patterns, 4 sequences with up to 128 steps per sequence are at your disposal.

Sync & Trigger Options

The SQ4 contains variable synchronisation options, which can be set from free running to hard sync. Note events can retrigger a sequence and several running directions can be selected.

Fine Adjustments

Swing, slew limiting, phase offset and gain, can be adjusted to accommodate modulations for the receiving device.


Curved Sequences

Each step can be designed individually to create unique modulation signals and steps can be combined to allow long and smooth curves over multiple steps.

Step & Slope Sequences

Quick adjustable step sequences can be used to create modulations with steep jumps. Slope sequences are suitable for quick and rough modulations.


Extended Features

The SQ4 can be loaded within the MP3244, which provides extended modulation possibilities.

midi cc


Synthesizers with MIDI input can be controlled via MIDI Controller or System Exclusive messages. Supported messages are:

MIDI CC, RPN, NRPN (7bit / 14bit)
SysEx with checksums.

Read more: SysEx Information

cv gear


CV gear can either be controlled via any MIDI to CV converter or the plug-in can generate control voltages via a DC-coupled audio interface

Read more: Compatible Interfaces

in host


Naturally, any in-host applications which lack of extensive parameter modulation, can be controlled.

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