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That's Live

stream live events to your paying audience.

our platform to use the technical infrastructure for worldwide streaming with paid access.

and schedule live events on our platform.

tickets to your audience with an automatically generated event page. Our financial partner transparently takes care of all payments worldwide.

your live event which we deliver in high quality and up to 320 kbps to the paying audience.

your share which is approx. 85% of all sales. Your share is automatically transferred to your bank account.

Required Equipment


Recording equipment
to capture voices, instruments etc.

Audio interface
or soundcard to receive the audio signal from a mixing desk.

with our Live Processor installed.

connection to transmit the stream.


The Event Page

Potential listeners can purchase a ticket for the stream event on the automatically generated event page. The event page can be linked from social media channels, websites and newsletters.

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Listeners worldwide

1 Purchase
ticket on your automatically generated event page.

2 Ticket
is emailed to the listener after successful transaction.

3 Listen
to the live stream as soon as the event starts.

Stream formats and Players

Event streams are brought to your audience over our reliable content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN guarantees that the audio stream can also be streamed reliably to remote locations on this planet.

Stream formats from which the listener can choose is on the one hand the widespread HLS format which can be played back on common operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux and Android. On the other hand, MPEG-DASH is also offered as a format, which also works in all of the operating systems mentioned above, but not supported by all players.

All common players can be used by the listener. This includes iTunes, VLC, MPlayer, and ExoPlayer, to name a few. The common web browsers can also usually play one of the two stream formats.

Stream options
HLS (AAC encoded) 128, 192, 320 kbps adaptive
DASH (AAC encoded) 192 kbps

Your share


is your average share for each sold ticket.

No setup charges and no fixed costs. We take care of any taxes that may arise, customer support and of course the technical infrastructure. For this we take an average of 15%. Depending on the ticket price, the transaction fees may vary.

we take care of

taxes worldwide

customer support

transaktions worldwide